Benefits of Drug Testing Using Multi-panel Kits

13 Jul

The abuse of drugs by, cost of the employers in different organizations has shown a rapid increase in the recent days. High percentage record of illegal drug abusers who are employed has led to the importance of every employer in an organization to familiarise and do away with the drug abuse practices and for the employees to build and sustain the best secure, drug free atmosphere or of the most practical method used by employers to identify the drug abuse currently is the drug testing done at workplace. This has shown a lot of impact to reduction of drug abuse in the workplace such as absenteeism, turnover, attitude problems, lower productivity, crime and violence. Not only does drug testing help in identifying the drug abusers but also discourages employees from participating in drug abuse.

Recently majority of the Rapid Detect testing kits are provided for in the market which then precisely identify the drug abusers swiftly by the use of samples such as blood, saliva, hair and even urine. They are known to test for a single or various drug at a glimpse. The reason as to why most of the employers use these multi-panel kits recently is that it is in a position to spot different medicines using one sample. Besides this multi-panel drug test kits are of an advantage since they are cost-effective to use.

This means that employers are in a position to save a preferable amount of cash and still detect various drugs at a single test. Some of the organizations also provide for a high record of markdown for unpackaged acquisitions. Check out this website at for more facts about drug test.

It is also simple to use in that the multi-panel Rapid Detect kits are of avail in the form of test cups and test cards. They are built up for easy maintenance and handling. One does not require professional skills in operating these kits in that a beginner is also in a position to run them and does not require the use of any extra equipment to perform these tests using these various kits. The other principal objective of these multi-panel kits used is to identify the dashes of multiple drugs in a single analysis of a sample. They are also known to spot some of the most regularly abused drugs such as methadone, opiates, cocaine, Oxycodone, and tricyclics in saliva and urine samples. They are also known to be readily available and most useful at organizations. The use of these multi-panel drug test kits at the places of work improves the overall health and secure the lives or the health matters of the employees. They also protect the financial interests and reputation of any organization

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